We offer you a boat for you to navigate the social streams safely .

Synchronize and view conversations from multiple accounts

Streams allow you to connect your social channels so you can view and engage on different profiles, pages, or groups in a convenient and customizable way.

Keep an eye on the conversations

Don’t lose track of what your network is saying.

Integrate Social Media Channels

Integrate up to 9 different social media channels and increase your organization’s reach.


Change the way you approach your social media and view text, image, or video social media streams depending on what your needs are. Streambubble makes it easy for you to keep an eye on your recent activity.


Interact with your followers, reply to your messages, comment on your posts,like others,share or retweet without leaving the stream.

Be Social

Do everything you would do in all your different social channels from a single place. Engage with your network without going back and forth and keep information centralized.

Share Via Streambubble

Share your posts among your social media channels connected with Streambubble through the Share option.

Task Assignment

Assign tasks and avoid missed messages by assigning tasks, social channels, and posts to different collaborators.

Social Control Board

Access to a social control board that enables you to view all your social media channels and all the accounts you’ve linked separately to avoid confusion and mixed messages.

Don’t let the current drag you down, keep swimming

Social media is all about timing and consistency. Amplify your reach and never lose your focus again.