Team Collaboration

Create a collaborative environment that generates trust and understanding to bring teams together.

Streambubble boosts collaboration and helps you showcase your best ideas

Winning teams are composed of players who understand their role. Help your collaborators connect and destroy knowledge silos to increase accountability. you can view and engage on different profiles, pages, or groups in a convenient and customizable way.

Bring your teams together

Synchronize your cross-team efforts.


Grant your teams only the access and networks they need to be productive. Manage and delimit your collaborators’ roles.


Avoid errors and manage approvals and user levels. Set granular permissions so every team member knows exactly what it has to do.


Streambubble makes it easier for your Business Unit Heads to send announcements to the collaborators under its charge.

Task Assignment

Assign collaborators to work on streams, messages, or discoveries. That way, you can and help them be on top of their tasks and avoid overlapping or effort duplication.

Create Custom Roles

Do you have a team member who doesn’t have a particular role? Streambubble helps you create a custom role for that person and make it a standard part of your team.

Employee Advocacy

Boost your employee advocacy and help your collaborators amplify your organization’s reach by sharing your news with their social media.

Collaboration is the backbone of every organization

There’s no I in team. Streambubble helps your teams focus on self-improvement.