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Campaign | Streambubble – social media management platform


Make managing different channels an exciting and productive moment

Coordinate your social media and your marketing efforts and create an unstoppable brand.

Campaigns assist and promote your business goals by enabling you to connect your social channels with Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Facebook Products, and Shopify.

Align marketing and social media

Promote, assist, and connect your customers.

Google Adwords

Adwords can help you grow faster, boost traffic and conversions, and raise your brand awareness. Campaigns connect Adwords with your brand and create tailored campaigns for your keywords.


Sync your e-commerce with Streambubble to quickly manage your inventory and create advertisements you can share in your social media channels.

Facebook Ads

Create and optimize your Facebook ad campaigns straight from Streambubble and promote your products with way fewer clicks.

Instagram Profiles

Instagram analytics shows you a report on your most engaging posts and hashtags, your audience growth, publishing behavior, and overall stats.

Facebook Products

Maximize your products reach by creating targeted Facebook campaigns you can easily manage from Streambubble and boost your sales.

Engage more, do more, be more

Be at the top of your game, every day and never lose sight of your goals.